Oren Levy

As a web developer I enjoy learning new technologies and applying solutions from user interface through server side and working with databases.

Web Site Development

In all the development process I have giving the customer all the services he needs. My work as a web developer started by taking the requirements from the customer, suggesting the right solution, developing and deploying it to production servers.

I accumulated a large experience in developing web site from small business and e-commerce sites to large portals and application. To all I have provided the hosting to the customer.

Team Lead

To lead a team is a great pleasure for me to see the advancement the team makes as professionals and as a team. As a team leader I believe the strength of the team comes from the people on the team and I love giving them the tool to grow.

Coaching Developers

One of the most significant things in coaching developers is making the developer feeling the progress he makes. I make sure I stay that updated, advance to new technologies and transfer my knowledge the developer so he could use it. When I enriches developers I promote the company.

Professional Advice

Over the years I have accumulated a lot of experience and can give various solutions in the framework of existing technologies or the adoption of new technologies and wider vision of the project constraints.

About me

אורן לוי
Leading Development Team at Toluna. The team responsible for the development of the Company's product a(href="http://www.quicksurveys.com", target="_blank") QuickSurveys. Technology is developed using ASP.NET and C # as the language server. Client-side work is done with jQuery, AngularJs, Prototyped JavaScript. The product is a system that allows creating and responding to Web-based surveys.
Construction of a very large number of sites from the orporate website through shops to complex sites likeJobInfo, Indexes in tourism as Lazafon, Tel Ofan  of Tel Aviv municipality. I used ASP.NET technology with JavaScript and jQuery. Large sites were built as modules of the DotNetNuke open source content management system. As part of the services I offered to customers was also hosting on Windows Server 2003 and 2008.
Write automation tools and solutions for visual circuit devlopment problems that arose during the work of the circuit designers. Working with UNIX using languages as PERL, Building Web tools helping circut designers coordinate their work. The web tools written in Java under TOMCAT.
Writing of software tools and workflow technology conversion circuit design to newer technology. Leading a circuit design team on the microprocessors department in Haifa.


  1. Server side - ASP.NET , ASP.NET MVC, C#, Java, NodeJS

  2. Database - Microsoft SQL Server, MySql, Oracle, MongoDB.

  3. Client side - JavaScript, Prototyped JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, JsRender and more.

  4. Working on Linux, Unix and Windows.
I have accumulated over the years an understanding and experience with server-side technologies, ranging from Java, ASP.NET to ASP.NET MVC and NodeJS. Beyond the construction of Internet applications I also built windows applications.
Over the years I have worked with different types of databases. From Oracle through Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL and MongoDB today.
The Web domain develops rapidly in recent years. Each week new JavaScript libraries and HTML technologies appear. I spend a significant time reading and experimenting with these libraries and technologies

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